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If you love Roblox Tower Defense games and you’re into your anime heroes, you’ve just got to be all over Eternal Tower Defense. Many of your favorite manga heroes are under one roof and you can mix and match them to put together your ideal team. More and being added regularly too, so if you want Ruka on your Eternal Tower Defense team, read on as I explain how to get her.

How to get Ruka in Roblox Eternal Tower Defense

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Ruka was introduced to Eternal Tower Defense as part of Update 1. Ruka is a secret unit that you can only get from playing through the whole of the Soul City Challenge, which is part of the Eternal Challenge mode. 

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Even when you complete the map, there is roughly a five percent chance that you will then receive Ruka as a bonus secret unit. Some reports suggest you always have a chance to get Ruka even if you don’t complete the map but that the chance increases the more levels you complete.

Ruka starts out with a line attack which has the added bonus of freezing the enemy for one second. Placement costs 1,800 and the max damage is 927, which isn’t the best value. However, when you get Ruka to tier six the attack becomes a circle with a range of 63.7 and more than 20k damage. On the downside, the cooldown is a long 9.8.

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