How to get Quake V3 in A One Piece Game – Roblox

Anybody in the market for an OP fighting style to use in A One Piece Game should look for Quake V3. The cooldowns that come with Quake V3 are simply fantastic. It’s also fairly straightforward to get, so long as the player already has Quake V2. Here is how to find Quake V3.

Location for Quake V3 in A One Piece Game – Roblox

To start off, players cannot get Quake V3 in A One Piece Game unless they have access to third sea. They would also need access to Quake V2. To get the actual Quake V3, player need to defeat Whitebeard, who is the boss of a new world event.

Whitebeard will be waiting in the Ruined MarineFord. I would be prepared to beat Whitebeard several times, since Quake V3 only has an 8% drop rate. Fortunately, Whitebeard has less health than one might expect. An experienced player could beat him pretty easily.

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The boss at Ruined MarineFord respawns every 20 minutes. So, if players beat Whitebeard and don’t get Quake V3, they just need to wait 20 minutes before they can try again. Whitebeard also only spawns half the time, so be prepared to come back in 20 min if he doesn’t show up.

How good is Quake V3 in A One Piece Game – Roblox?

Some fans might have differing opinions on this, but the bottom line is, Quake V3 is very good. The moves that come with Quake V3 all have incredibly large areas of effect, making them great for killing hordes of enemies.

The cooldowns on Quake V3 also do an immense amount of damage. My favorite ability on it is Planetary Tsunami, since I do not get tired of watching two giant waves converge on an unsuspecting enemy.

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