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The Anime Adventures summer event is here, a time that I am most excited about because of the plethora of exciting new features, items, and of course, units to collect. However, purchasing most of these summer items in the shop will cost you a few Pearls. Thankfully, there are a few ways you can speed up this process so you don’t have to waste any time getting the items you want. Here’s how!

How to earn Pearls quickly in Anime Adventures Summer Event

Collecting as many Pearls as possible is essential to purchasing the items you’d like from the Summer Event Shop before it ends. The first step to collecting some is to hop into a Summer Portal.

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To begin earning Pearls, you’ll need to make sure you get some Summer Portals first, which cost 200 Gems each from the Summer Event Shop. This portal will allow you to enter the Summer Event stage and earn rewards, including those Pearls, by completing the level. This is the simple way to earn Pearls, but you’ll need to really grind this to eventually save up enough. However, there is a way to speed up the process. Take the Pearls you’ve earned so far and head back to the Summer Event Shop!

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How to get Summer Stars in Anime Adventures

A great way to earn extra Pearls and speed up the process is to get some Summer Skins. The Skins have special traits that can increase the drop rate of Pearls and help you earn great amounts each time. You can get these Skins by purchasing Summer Stars capsules.

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Summer Stars capsules are also for sale in the Summer Event Shop. When opened, they can give you a random Summer Skin as well as one of three exclusive Summer Units. You’ll need to have at least 150 Pearls to purchase them, but once you have a skin, you’ll be able to earn way more!

How to equip Skins in Anime Adventures

Once you obtain a Skin from a Summer Star, be sure to equip it to one of your units. To do that, you’ll first need to have the matching unit for that skin.

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Then, press Items on the left side of the screen and switch to the Skins tab. Here you’ll find your available skin, and clicking on it will show you all its special stats, including the increased Pearls drop rate it provides. Click on it and press Use, then select the unit you’d like to equip it to. Now you’re all set to hop back into a Summer Portal and earn more Pearls!

Don’t forget you can also use Robux to purchase greater amounts of Pearls. Just open the Summer Event Shop, and you’ll have the various selections on the right side. This method isn’t for everyone since it requires real money to purchase, but if you’re looking for the fastest way, that’s your best option. However, use the methods above to earn some fast for free!

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