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Break in 2 Origin ending

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If you’re wondering how to get Origin Ending in Roblox Break in 2, then your search ends here.

The introduction of Break in 2 latest update marks the addition of the fourth and final ending, known as Origin Ending. Apart from this, players can also get their hands on the Origin Ending badge when they complete this new ending to showcase their achievement. However, unlocking it requires you to complete a secret puzzle, and here’s a comprehensive guide to getting Origin Ending in Break in 2.

How to complete Origin Ending in Break in 2

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The Origin Ending can be completed by solving the second Wire Puzzle in the Maintenance Room. The Maintenance Room is where you can find and complete two wire puzzles. The first wire puzzle is required for the Detective Ending, while the second wire puzzle is exclusive for the Origin Ending. You need to complete both puzzles to unlock the Origin Ending badge.

Where is the Maintenance Room in Break in 2

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The Maintenance Room is located on the opposite side of the large TV screen, just past the gym. To reach the Maintenance Room, players will need to jump across a gap after climbing the ladder. They can use a Bloxy Cola to increase their jump height and make the jump easier.

Inside the maintenance room, you’ll find the sleeping detective. There is also a corkboard with some strings and notes.

How to complete the first Wire Puzzle in Break in 2

If you haven’t completed the first Wire Puzzle, head to the Maintenance Room and activate it. This will trigger six pages to appear randomly in the Secret Evil Villain Base, and you have to find and collect them all.

Here’s where you can find these pages in the game:

  • 3 by 3 Drawers in the Middle Room
  • 3 by 3 Drawer in the Shop
  • 3 by 3 Drawer in the Kitchen
  • Hidden compartment in the Maintenance Room

After you have all the pages, go back to the Maintenance Room and complete the second Wire Puzzle. You have to sort the pages into the correct categories to complete the puzzle.

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