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If you’ve already got your Observation Haki V1 and V2, then you’re probably ready to take it to the next step and work toward your Observation Haki V3. This is a worthwhile ability to have, allowing you to perform better defensively and have improved awareness. I’m always looking for the quickest and easiest ways to make my character stronger, so here’s a more detailed look below on how to get Haki V3 and what its stats are so that you can do the same!

Haze Piece Observation Haki V3 Guide

All the Hakis require you to level up and have some money saved up to learn them. However, Observation Haki V3 is an even further late-game ability that comes with a few more hefty requirements. You’re going to want to make sure you achieve the following before making your way to the trainer:

  • Reach Level 2,500
  • Have $1M Money
  • Access Sea 2

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Once you meet those requirements, you’ll be able to make your way to the trainer in Sea 2 and learn your new ability. Here’s where you’ll be able to find him:

Haze Piece Observation Haki V3 Trainer Location

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The Observation Haki V3 Trainer is located in Sea 2, so you’ll want to make sure you teleport there via the Dimensional Sailor first. Once there, open your map by clicking the island icon in the bottom left corner.

Teleporting to Sea 2 will put you on the first Sea 2 island, which is the cherry blossom, level 2200 island, in the bottom left corner of the Sea 2 map. To get to the trainer, you’ll need to go to Desert City, located in the opposite corner. So you’ll need to use a ship or Transformation to start making your way toward the northeast.

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Once you get to Desert City, head through the main town, past the desert pirates, and look for an NPC that says Level 3 Observation Haki standing underneath a tall awning. Speaking to him will allow you to learn the next Haki if you meet the level requirement and by paying the required amount, which is $1M.

What does Observation Haki V3 do in Haze Piece?

Like all Haki abilities, Haki V3 will allow you to see further away and through obstacles, detecting enemy players by displaying their name, health, and level over their heads. You can activate the ability by pressing R on your keyboard. Along with seeing better, Haki also includes a dodging ability that activates immediately when Haki is turned on. You will have a set number of dodges that your character will perform when an enemy is attacking you, allowing you to evade incoming attacks automatically. Each level-up of Haki has an increased number of dodges, meaning Observation Haki V3 has the best dodge among all of them, with a total of 7 dodges.

Haki Level 3 is particularly useful for defense, allowing you to dodge enemy attacks but also to see other online players, no matter if they happen to be a long distance off. Your awareness will be overall increased, and no one will be able to sneak up on you easily.

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