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There are a multitude of characters, or champions, in Anime Fighting Simulator X that come from a variety of real-life animes and manga, some of which are more powerful or useful than others. One of the most sought after characters in this experience is Navi, a young girl who’s infatuated with money and will even share some of her wealth with you. For a quick look at how to unlock Navi in Anime Fighting Simulator X, continue reading the brief guide below.

How to unlock Navi in Anime Fighting Simulator X

Navi is unlocked at random through summons, which are purchased with Chakras. Because Navi is a secret unit, her rarity is unknown, and her icon won’t ever be listed in the summons banner. You’ll likely need patience and a whole ‘lotta Chakras to summon her, so don’t feel discouraged if you don’t pull her right away!

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If you’re really wanting to add Navi to your team, regardless of what it takes, I’d recommend purchasing the Luck and Super Luck gamepasses, which cost 299 Robux and 999 Robux respectively, and will increase your chance of pulling rare champions and specials.

What does Navi do in Anime Fighting Simulator X?

So, why do so many players want Navi? Her AFK Yen ability! With Navi equipped, players can earn 50 Yen per minute, without even having to do anything, and this amount can be increased depending on Navi’s level and any active boosts. With this ability, Navi is a pretty great addition to any growing team!


That’s it for this quick guide on how to get Navi in Anime Fighting Simulator X. Have you been able to unlock this secret champion yet? Which champions are your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

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