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Maid Blaze is the latest character players can pick up on Super Sonic Speed Simulator. The way players acquire her is through a Limited Event, though, which will have players doing many different things. I wouldn’t call it an easy grab, but it’s definitely viable for those who are on the game frequently.

How do players obtain Maid Blaze in Super Sonic Speed Simulator – Roblox?

Maid Blaze is being offered through a Limited Event in Super Sonic Speed Simulator. This basically means that there will be a series of objectives that players need to beat to get the new character. In this instance, there are five objectives, but each individual objective also comes with an own mini reward. Here is how the Limited Event breaks down:

  • Earn 10 Gold Medals through Time Trials (reward: 2 Maid Chous)
  • Finish 10 races (reward: x2 Blaze Blur Trail)
  • Boost 300 times with a Hoverboard (reward: 3 Maid Chous)
  • Earn 25,000 Rail Grind Points (reward: x3 Blaze Blur Trail)
  • Beat 500 Badniks (reward: Zero Gravity Hoverboard)

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Players can go about this in any order they desire. I recommend getting the races done first, though. In between races, players can work on the Badniks and the Rail Grind Points. The Gold Medals through Time Trials are likely the toughest part of this challenge, but they get easier once players get use to the pathways around the map. Once every part of the Limited Event is done, players will get Maid Blaze added to their roster!

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