How to get Leviathan Scales in Blox Fruits

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Leviathan Scales are a super rare material you’re going to need for crafting in Blox Fruits, creating great items like the Leviathan Crown and Shield, and even a ship.

Collecting these Scales will not be an easy task to accomplish. You’ll need to have access to the Third Sea and summon a Leviathan, a terrifying sea monster boss. Here’s how!

Blox Fruits Leviathan Boss Guide

The Leviathan Scales are a Legendary rarity material that is only dropped by the Leviathan Raid Boss. This means you’ll need to defeat the boss to collect them. This is no easy feat and will require you to have access to the Third Sea, have five players in your party, and have at least 6,000 fragments available between all of you.

How to spawn the Leviathan Boss in Blox Fruits

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To spawn the Leviathan boss, you’ll need to head to Tiki Outpost Island in the Third Sea. There on top of the large building, will be the Spy NPC. This NPC will give you small hints about the Leviathan’s whereabouts but will need to be bribed. Each bribe will cost you 1,500 fragments, and he will need to be bribed four times before you can move on to the next step. Thankfully, you can have different members of the party bribe him to progress; it doesn’t have to be all the same person. Once the NPC says the line, “The Leviathan is out there! Go find it before it destroys more things and people,” you can now progress to the Danger Level 6 spot in the sea.

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How to find the Frozen Dimension in Blox Fruits

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You’ll need to sail out to the Danger Level 6 or ‘????’ Zone, which you can track via your compass in order to find the Frozen Dimension. The Frozen Dimension is considered a sea event, can only happen at the Danger Level 6 spot, and is the only way to get the Leviathan to spawn. Ensure you have all five players on your ship as the island spawns to continue.

On the Frozen Dimension island, you’ll need to speak to the Frozen Watcher NPC. He will prompt a dialogue choice where you can press “Very Well,” agreeing to prove you can face his master. Once you press this choice, it will open the gate and play the Leviathan cutscene. However, you must have all five players in one ship to do this. Then, you will be able to face the Leviathan.

The Leviathan boss has multiple different drops upon defeating it, including up to 5 Leviathan Scales at a time. The best way to ensure you get the most Scales out of it is to destroy segments one at a time. There is a 2-3 hour cooldown after defeating him before you can spawn him again, so try to get as much as you can in each go.

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