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The One Piece inspired Roblox experience Blox Fruits allows players to explore a massive world, unlock a variety of powerful weapons, and collect tons of unique fruit, some of which are most sought after than others. One of the most popular fruits in all of Blox Fruits is one that, at the time of this article’s publication, can’t even be obtained inside the experience, and hasn’t even been fully confirmed to actually exist.

How to unlock the Kitsune Fruit in Blox Fruits

As you read above, yes, I do unfortunately have to be the bearer of bad news and confirm that, despite what Roblox YouTubers may claim in their clickbait videos, the Kitsune Fruit is not currently available in Blox Fruits. In fact, this fruit’s existence has never even been confirmed by an official Blox Fruits team member; it was simply popularized by a fan-made idea/pitch (which detailed a Kitsune-inspired fruit) and the community ran rampant with it.

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It’s never been mentioned that a Kitsune fruit is being worked on by the Blox Fruits development team, or that plans to add a Kitsune fruit are even being discussed. The only people mentioning this fruit are confused players wondering when it will be added (not knowing the fruit mock up is fan made), and click-hungry content creators who make misleading videos explaining “how to get it,” even though it’s currently impossible because it doesn’t exist.

With how popular the Kitsune fruit idea is, I wouldn’t be surprised if Blox Fruits actually made and released their own version of it someday, but there’s no definitive release date or progress information I can give regarding it right now. If you see someone offering to trade you a Kitsune fruit, don’t do it, they’re scamming you! Be aware and protect yourself and those around you who are more likely to fall prey to scammers.


That’s it for this quick guide on the Kitsune fruit in Blox Fruits. If/when this fruit is added to Blox Fruits, I will update this guide accordingly.

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