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How to get Harpoon in Blox Fruits

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If you’re wondering about what Harpoon is and where to use it in Blox Fruits Update 20, then look no further.

The arrival of Blox Fruits Update 20 marks the addition of a new Leviathan boss, which players must defeat in order to learn the Sanguine Art fighting style. However, it’s not as simple as it sounds, as you’ll need to collect various items and materials along the way. One of them is Harpoon, and here’s a guide to help you in getting it in Roblox Blox Fruits.

Where to find Harpoon in Blox Fruits

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Harpoon can be found on the Beast Hunter legendary ship in Blox Fruits. I was able to craft this ship by collecting the following materials:

  • 20x Leviathan Scales: You can purchase this material from Beast Hunter NPC or obtain it by defeating the Leviathan boss.
  • 6x Electric Wings: It is dropped by the Piranha enemy.
  • 2x Mutant Teeth: Mutant Teeth are dropped by the Terror Shark enemy.
  • 30x Fool’s Gold: Fool’s Gold is dropped by destroying Ghost Ships in the prescribed threat level area.
  • 6x Shark Teeth: Shark Teeth are dropped by defeating regular Sharks in the game.

After crafting the Beast Hunter ship, head to the Sea Danger Level 6 with at least five other players and defeat Leviathan using your abilities and skills.

To claim the Leviathan’s Heart, you need to use the harpoon on the Beast Hunter boat after defeating the Leviathan. The harpoon will pierce the heart and allow you to drag it back to Tiki Outpost. After reaching Tiki Outpost, everyone on the boat will be rewarded with a Leviathan’s Heart.

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What is Leviathan’s Heart used for in Blox Fruits?

Leviathan’s Heart is used to unlock the new Sanguine Art fighting style that debuted in Blox Fruits Update 20. Once you have the heart in your inventory, speak with the NPC Shafi in the Third Sea to learn the Sanguine Art.

It’s important to note that you’ll also need 20x Demonic Wisps, 20x Vampire Fangs, and 2x Dark Fragments to learn this fighting style.

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