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One of the bigger challenges for Haze Piece players is getting their hands on the illustrious Gear 4, which arguably provides the strongest set of abilities in the game. To get Gear 4, though, players are first going to need Gear 2. The NPC that gives Gear 2 is easy to find, but rest assured players are going to need lots of Beli beforehand.

What do players need to do for Gear 2 in Haze Piece – Roblox?

Well, the first step to getting Gear 2 or Gear 4 in Haze Piece is getting the Rubber Fruit to begin with. Gear 2 and Gear 4 are technically upgrades to the Rubber Fruit, all of which can make a player emulate Luffy from the actual One Piece anime.

To get the Rubber Fruit, players will need to get it from the Fruit Market on Starter Island. Hopefully, players can find it in stock. Many other players will likely be buying Rubber Fruit, though, so they can get Gear 2 for themselves.

That means players will have to rely on some RNG. Players can spend random rolls on the chance of getting Rubber Fruit at the market. The Rubber Fruit is considered a Rare Devil Fruit, so it may take a lot of rolls before most players get it.

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After players get the Rubber Fruit, the next step is to meet the requirements for Gear 2. Those requirements are as follows:

  • reach level 750
  • obtain $100k

After that, players should head to Bubble Island, which is the green islands in the upper left corner of the map. Once on the island, players want to head to the grassy meadow where all of the enemy pirates are. There is a hidden column in the wall that looks like a huge indent into the wall itself.

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Inside here is Gear 2 Trainer Yoka. Give her the money and, so long as the player is level 750, they will be rewarded with Gear 2.

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