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Fans of the classic anime Naruto will be thrilled to hear that Gaara has been added to Roblox Eternal Tower Defense! This popular Roblox experience lets you play with a huge cast of your favorite manga characters as you defend your base from attack but not all of the characters are easy to get. Below I’ll describe how to get Gaara in Eternal Tower Defense. 

How to get Gaara in Roblox Eternal Tower Defense

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Several units were introduced as secret units in update one for Roblox Eternal Tower Defense, including the likes of Vegato and Ruka, but also Gaara. To get these units you need to clear a particular map until you get them as a bonus reward, which happens five percent of the time if you clear the level. To get Gaara, you need to grind Challenge Mode in the 4th war Eternal Naruto map.

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You still have a chance to get Gaara if you don’t complete the map. You basically have a 0.1 percent chance at the end for each wave you clear, so if you clear all 50 waves you’ll have the best chance (five percent). At level one, Guuru does 330 damage on a seven-second cooldown with a range of 40. The real advantage of Gaara, though, is the addition of a solid Slow debuff, which is super useful against fast enemies and bosses.

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