How to get Fragments in Blox Fruits (Fastest Method)

There are different ways to progress in Blox Fruits, and but fragments will always be a part of it. After all, you can awaken your fruits, purchase various items and weapons, and more with fragments. Below, I have listed all the different methods to get fragments in Blox Fruits and the best method among them.

All ways to get Fragments in Blox Fruits

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There are a lot of different methods to get fragments in Blox Fruits, but most of them can be put into two main categories: doing fruit raids and killing specific enemies.

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Doing Fruit Raids (Fastest Method)

Raids are hands down the best way to get tons of Fragments, especially with the Buddha Fruit. You earn up to 1,000 fragments per raid if you successfully complete it. Even if you fail a raid, you can still earn 300 fragments, which is what makes this the best method for fragment grinding in Blox Fruits.

Killing Enemies

If you want to kill different enemies to get fragments, here is a list of enemies and the amount of fragments you get by killing them.

  • Defeating Darkbeard or rip_indra: 1,500 Fragments (requires dealing at least 10% damage)
  • Defeating someone with a Youtuber Title: 2,500 Fragments and 250,000 Beri (requires you to be close to their level)
  • Defeating the Dough King: 2,000 Fragments
  • Defeating Cake Prince: 1,000 Fragments
  • Defeating a Sea Beast: 250 Fragments
  • Defeating Training Dummy: 200 Fragments (with quest)
  • Defeating Elite Pirates: 100 Fragments
  • Defeating Boss in Horned Man Quest: Some Fragments

Other ways to get Fragments

There are a few other ways you can get fragments in Blox Fruits.

  • Finding and opening a Fragment Chest on Mirage Island.
  • Praying at the Gravestone can sometimes give you 1,000 fragments.
  • The Random Gift from Death King can sometimes give fragments.
  • Lastly, you can get fragments by doing the Ship Raids.

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