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After receiving your Press of Death ability in Fire Force Online, you can work toward progressing it further and receiving Steeled for Death and eventually Darkness Steeled for Death. I hate long, confusing explanations as much as the next person, so I tried to lay this out as simply as possible. Be prepared for a decent amount of grinding, and keep reading for all the details below!

How to get Steeled for Death in Fire Force Online

If you’re hoping to work toward the Darkness Steeled for Death, you’re first going to make sure you have the regular version of the ability. To do this, ensure you have your Press of Death maxed, and then follow these steps:

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There are several different requirements for getting Steeled for Death, and it takes a decent amount of grinding to accomplish. Locating the NPC Noru is one of the most important steps to getting the ability since he can spawn in multiple different locations: the desert, warehouse, wilderness, and sewers.

Basically, to progress enough to get Steeled for Death, you’re going to need about 6+ hours of active Press of Death, getting between 100-200 grips total. Once you find Noru, here are the requirements for earning SFD:

  • White: Talk to Noru at level 50, max pressed, and PvP XP (Grip level 30+ players x30)
  • Pink: Grip rank 30+ players with Press of Death active x75
  • Red: Grip rank 40+ players x10-20
  • Dark Red: Grip rank 50+ players x10-20
  • Shatter: Talk to Noru again to get Steeled For Death

If you’ve collected enough grips with Press of Death, you should be able to easily receive Steeled for Death from Noru after ‘shattering.’ Steeled for Death will give you a random effect.

How to get Darkness Steeled for Death in Fire Force Online

Darkness Steeled for Death is one of the variant ability effects you can get from SFDv2. After fulfilling the requirements, speaking to Nora, and activating your SFD for the first time, you will receive one by random. Since this is random, there is no guarantee you will receive the Darkness effect for it. However, you can try your hand at rerolling to obtain it, if you didn’t get it on the first try.

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How to reroll your Steeled for Death in Fire Force Online

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You can purchase a Steeled Reroll with Robux by heading to the Shop in your menu, opened by pressing M on your keyboard. You might also get lucky and earn the Reroll Token for free by using Fire Force Online codes or the AFK World. You may have to try multiple times to get the one you want.

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