How to get Cyber Thorn in Blade Ball

While at its heart Roblx Blade Ball is a game of skill, timing, and strategy, it doesn’t hurt to look awesome while you’re doing it! The Cyber Thorn sword skin looks fantastic, so read on if you want to know how to get it. 

The game is all about deflecting a ball that hones in on the players. A successful deflection will see the ball target someone else but this gets progressively harder as the ball speeds up. The longer the last, the more you’ll win.

Roblox Blade Ball – How to get Cyber Thorn sword skin

The Cyber Thorn is a unique sword skin in Blade Ball that was available as part of the Cyber Pack Game Pass that cost 399 Robux (and also included the Phase Bypass ability). This pack was a limited edition and is no longer available (as of September 23, 2023). Therefore, as there is no trading in the game at present, the Cyber Thorn sword skin is no longer available

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I can only hope the Cyber Thorn returns to the game at a later date as it is an awesome-looking weapon (as the description says, it’s a Pretty neat trident. I mean Spear. I mean Thorn. I mean Fork?). However, as it was sold as limited, I think this is unlikely. However, there are loads of other great weapon skins available (I particularly like the purple-edged Cyber Blade), so you’re still going to be able to look cool.

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