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Like many other experiences on Roblox, Anime Champions Simulator loves celebrating the holidays with themed events, and giving players exclusive quests, skins, maps, and raids to complete while said event is active. During the 2023 Halloween event, players like you and I can even earn an exclusive currency, Candy, which can be used to purchase the limited-time-only Pumpkin Orb.

There are many ways to earn Candy during the Anime Champions Simulator Halloween event, all of which are detailed below.

How to earn Candy in Anime Champions Simulator

Candy can be earned in four main ways, by completing quests, exploring Ghostly Worlds, grinding raids, and purchasing it with Robux. With the addition of the Halloween update, there are two new quests that can be found in the Champion City—one from Crimson Rose that requires the player to find jack-o-lanterns, and one from Shadowreaper, which requires players to complete 100 raids. Upon completing each of these quests, you will earn a significant amount of Candy.

If taking time to complete quests doesn’t sound like your type of Halloween fun, that’s ok! Candy can also be earned by grinding raids, such as the new Land of Ants raid, and defeating Spooky enemies, which can be found in Ghostly Worlds. Depending on how much damage you deal while fighting, you should earn a decent amount of Candy upon defeating an enemy or completing a raid.

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Don’t have time for fighting or quest completion? You can always just purchase Candy with Robux and stock up instantly if you so choose! The prices for Candy are as follows:

  • 20,000 Candy – 99 Robux
  • 45,000 Candy – 149 Robux
  • 125,000 Candy – 499 Robux
  • 350,000 Candy – 999 Robux
  • 800,000 Candy – 1,999 Robux

What is Candy used for in Anime Champions Simulator?

Candy is used to spin the Pumpkin Orb that’s located in Champion City. This orb costs 4,999 Candy to spin and has 15 possible prizes, including the Ruthless Pumpkin item pictured below. You can also receive new champions and skins from this limited-time-only orb, so be sure to spin it sooner rather than later if you’re interested!

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That’s it for this guide on how to get Candy in Anime Champions Simulator. Have you had a chance to spin the Pumpkin Orb yet? Is there anything you’re hoping to get from it? Let me know in the comments below!

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