How to get and use Product Essence in Peroxide – Roblox

Like most other anime based Roblox games, Peroxide has a ton of classes for players to use. As such, getting rerolls on these classes can be really valuable, which is where Product Essence comes in. It can be a flat out mystery to find where these resources are, but once players know a certain location, they can farm plenty of Product Essence in a short time.

How to farm Product Essence in Peroxide – Roblox

To get loads of Product Essence, gamers are actually going to want to head to Hueco Mundo. This is where Killing Spree Invasions are located. From there, gamers are going to want to select the D rank Invasions: these ones drop Product Essence quite often.

These Invasions are pretty simple; all players need to do is kill five Shinigami before they get extracted out. I find that, since I’ve leveled up to 15, most Shinigami don’t pose a real threat anyways. From there, if players check their chest, they should find some Product Essence. Gamers can rinse and repeat this all they like.

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How to use Product Essence in Peroxide – Roblox

To actually spend the Product Essence, players need to head back to The City and talk to Kisuke Urahara. He will give players the option to view a General Tab or a Path-Specific Tab. It’s the latter choice that will allow players to get rerolls on each individual path.

There are also simple cosmetic fixes that players can buy with Product Essence. For example, player can get a reroll on their hair color. Most items in Kisuke’s store cost five Product Essence, so keep that in mind when farming.

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