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Like other life-simulation experiences on Roblox, Club Roblox allows players to adopt children and pets to create the family of their dreams while role-playing in whatever way they prefer. The world of Club Roblox is huge and full of activities that my friends and I love to partake in, such as readying up our mountain rescue equipment and scaling the treacherous volcano, or swimming and splashing around with our friendly megalodons at the beach! If you’re wondering how you can unlock a megalodon friend of your own, you’re in luck—the process is super easy!

How to unlock a Megalodon in Club Roblox

Unlike other accessories or items in Club Roblox, the Megalodon cannot be accessed/equipped from the normal experience menus, and must instead be found on the map. To begin your Megalodon hunting adventure, head to the beach area of the map.

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Once here, throw on your swimsuit because it’s time to hit the waves! As you swim out into the ocean, you should notice a bright blue object floating around haphazardly—this is the Megalodon spawn button!

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Clicking on this button will spawn a megalodon that you can swim with, ride, and take on all kinds of oceanic adventures!

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And while this aquatic amigo does have a chomp command, it won’t (and can’t) harm you—it’s all bark and no bite!

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That’s it for this quick guide on how to get a Megalodon in Club Roblox. When you leave the experience, any friends equipped to your hotbar will despawn, including the Megalodon, so you’ll need to repeat the steps above to get it back the next time you play.

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