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3 Sword Style is (at least for now) the pinnacle ability for sword fighters to grab in Haze Piece. This is not going to be easy to find, though. While 2 Sword Style was a matter of just finding an NPC, for 3 Sword Style players will be sailing a long time, fighting an intimidating boss, and grinding that battle over and over again.

Where can players find 3 Sword Style in Haze Piece – Roblox?

First of all, players will need access to Second Sea if they want to get 3 Sword Style in Haze Piece. This means, at minimum, they should be level 2200. Next, players should head to the Snowy Graveyard, which is basically a wide area with snowy trees around. It’s located right behind the pagoda on the island with the cherry blossoms.

If players are familiar with any lore from One Piece, they should recognize the boss of this island. In order to get 3 Sword Style, players will need to beat the legendary swordsman himself: Roronoa Zoro. Nedless to say he will be very tough to beat, and on top of that, he only has a 1% chance of dropping 3 Sword Style.

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How to beat Roronoa Zoro in Haze Piece

Since it will likely take lots of tries to get 3 Sword Style, it’s important players have a plan of beating Zoro beforehand. Zoro hits like a truck, so a player can lose their health very quickly if they get hit. I recommend keeping a fair amount of distance. Using a long-range fruit can also help, since when he is far away, Zoro will do that long walk toward that many bosses do in the game. Zoro is also level 2650, so that’s where players should be in order to beat him.

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