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Of all the features present in Adopt Me!, the usage of codes has always stumped me—where do I use them? What can they give me? Do they even exist?! If you’re anything like me and have also found yourself wondering, you’re luck! I’ve created the brief below that answers all of these questions and more.

How to use codes in Adopt Me!

Though codes in Adopt Me! are exceptionally rare, and aren’t featured in the same capacity as most other Roblox experiences, they do still exist, and can be inputted and claimed by following the guide below.

Once you’ve spawned into Adopt Me!, leave your house and head to Adoption Island by locating and following the large red arrow that says Exit. Approaching this arrow will take you to Adoption Island’s entrance. If you own the Premium Plots gamepass, you’ll already spawn on Adoption Island from the start.

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Upon walking into the white void in front of you, you’ll automatically be teleported to Adoption Island. Spread around Adoption Island are multiple buildings, houses, and parks, all of which serve a unique purpose. One of these buildings, City Hall, can be found by crossing the red, Golden Gate Bridge-esque bridge and walking to the right of it. You should pass Green Groceries on your way!

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Walk into this building and look for the NPC named Agent Ruhi. Next to this NPC is the code machine.

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Now, to enter a code, simply approach the machine and press E; then, type in your code and press Redeem!.

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As soon as you do, you should receive a pop up that congratulates you for redeeming your prize, whatever that may be! Depending on when you’re reading this article, the Toy Delivery Truck code (pictured above as an example) may be active and available to redeem.


That’s it for this quick guide on how to redeem codes in Adopt Me!. As mentioned above, codes in Adopt Me! are exceptionally rare, and are normally only obtainable through a real-life toy purchase. If Adopt Me! releases an experience-wide code, like the Toy Delivery Truck code, it’s best to redeem it sooner rather than later!

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