How to check fps on Roblox

When you think about Roblox, you probably don’t picture the most high-intensity gaming experience like you would with Call of Duty or Fortnite, and instead imagine something simple, blocky, and easily-digestible. You’d be surprised to learn, however, that there are plenty of experiences on Roblox that utilize realistic graphics, immersive storytelling, and intense action like many AAA game titles do, and that knowing your FPS (frames per second) when playing Roblox can be crucial.

How do I check my fps on Roblox?

Despite what you may expect, your fps stat can be viewed on both Mac and Windows (the PC versions of Roblox) super easily. To do it, enter the Roblox experience of your choice and press Shift + F5. If you’re on a device that doesn’t have the F5 button like me (my MacBook Pro has the touch bar instead), don’t worry, you can still find this key! Press Shift + FN (located on the key with the globe icon), and then select F5 from the touch bar.

As soon as you do, a small box should appear on your screen that lists a bunch of stats, including your current fps. On average, an fps stat around 60 or above is what you want to see here.

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Can I check fps on Roblox mobile, Xbox, or PS?

Unfortunately, no, your fps for Roblox cannot be viewed on the mobile, Xbox, or PlayStation app. You’ll need to sign into your Roblox account on a computer to view it, unless you want to download third-party applications. These applications can allow you to see your fps outside of Roblox itself, but should always be double-checked for scammy or suspicious features. Never give your Roblox password or any personal information away to unofficial Roblox applications!

What is fps and how do I increase it?

Fps, short for frames per second as mentioned above, refers to the literal frame rate your game is moving at. Essentially, every game you play is a bunch of still-shot images that, when played together in quick succession, create a clear and moving picture. When running off a lower frame rate (lower fps), your game will look choppy and feel slow because you’re seeing more of those individual shots; when running off a high frame rate (higher fps), your game will feel sooth and cohesive because its able to seamlessly blend the images together.

When playing Roblox, your fps can be increased by lowering the graphics of experiences you play, and by closing any other applications that may be running in the background. Again, there are also third-party applications that can be installed that promise to raise frame rate, but those should always be used with caution.


That’s it for this quick guide on how to check your fps stat on Roblox. Keeping an eye on your fps can be a great way to know why certain experiences are lagging more than others, and find out if the issue is on your end or something out of your control.

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