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While it may seem boring on the surface, Bloxy Bingo is actually a ton of fun to play (both alone or with friends), and can become quite addicting after just a few games—at least for me it can! In this experience, players are given a bingo card and must mark said card as a series of letters and numbers are called. If a number/letter is called that you have on your card, mark it—that’s all there is to it! For those who enjoy Bloxy Bingo and frequent it regularly, you may be interested in the allure of reserving a table all to yourself—one with your name, your design, and your posse of pals! So, how do you reach this level of cool? Continue reading below to find out.

How to customize your table in Bloxy Bingo

Before you can change/customize a table in Bloxy Bingo, you’ll need to ensure that you have an active Bloxy Bingo membership, which gives you the ability to reserve tables. To reserve a table, walk up to the one of your choosing, sit down at it, press the Membership button, and then press Reserve Current Table. Once you have your table reserved, you can purchase designs for it by clicking the Shop icon and selecting Tables. When you find one you like, you can equip it from your inventory.

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By reserving a table, you have the power to not only choose the design of your bingo table, but also choose who can and can’t sit with you during a round.


That’s it for this quick guide on how to change a table in Bloxy Bingo. If you’re a member, the bingo hall is your oyster—customize your space in whatever way you see fit and I’ll see you in there!

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