How to block balls in Blade Ball (Roblox) – Tips, Timings & more!

The core gameplay of Blade Ball is all about deflecting the oncoming ball in the game. Though it may sound like a simple task, I found it extremely tough to deflect even a single ball for the first few hours of the experience. But, after carefully analyzing my timing and receiving suggestions from my other friends, I got better and started deflecting more balls during the game. So, if you are a beginner struggling to deflect any balls regularly in Blade Ball, keep reading the article until the end.

How to block or deflect balls in Roblox Blade Ball 

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To correctly block/deflect any balls in the Roblox Blade Ball, you must accurately time your Q ability( block skill) with the pace of the ball. So, how do you learn this? Instead of waiting for the ball to arrive near your body, use the Block ability a bit early, near your arm’s length, to swing your sword and deflect properly. This difference in arm’s length is essential for your character model to perform the deflect animation and block the ball toward other players. So, time your shots a bit early concerning the speed of the ball and practice judging the length of the ball from your position. 

Another vital point to note is the angle of your character. While pressing the Q key, you should face the ball at a 70 to 90-degree angle to make contact with your sword and ball. Don’t expect to deflect the ball if you are not looking into it.

Remember, it is not something you will learn immediately. Keep practicing the skill. With time, you will block/deflect the ball consistently.

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