How to beat Level 18 in Apeirophobia

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If you thought Level 17’s storage room puzzle was hard, you’re going to be surprised yet again with a brand new, terrifying challenge in this abandoned mall full of creepy mannequins. You’ll put your memory to the test as you solve several mini-puzzles to unlock your exit. Keep reading below for a step-by-step guide on how to get through this level.

Apeirophobia Level 18 Walkthrough

In this level, your goal is to open the locked gate in the lower level of the mall to escape. To do this, you’ll need to complete a series of light memory puzzles spread around the mall. You’ll be able to track them down by their glowing green lights.

At the same time, you’ll also need to be on the lookout for any potential threats. There are two different types of entities that you need to beware of at this level: mannequins and the silence monster. Both can be countered. Some mannequins can move, but only when you aren’t looking at them, so always turn your camera toward them when passing by them. The silence monster can only chase you and kill you when you’re moving. To avoid being killed by it, stand as still as possible until he walks away.

Where to solve all the memory puzzles in Apeirophobia Level 18

To complete the memory puzzles, click the glowing green light and then watch the sequence that is played. Once they stop playing, repeat the sequence by clicking on each button in the correct order. If you get it wrong, it will blink red and replay the sequence again for you. They will all turn green and stay on if you get it correct.

There are five memory puzzles in total, and here’s where you can find all of them to unlock the exit:

Memory Puzzle 1

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The first memory puzzle is located just right outside of the spawn cafeteria. You’ll see it as you are heading out on the pillar.

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Memory Puzzle 2

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The second memory puzzle is also on the upper level of the mall, right beside the large D symbol on the wall, alongside some scaffolds.

Memory Puzzle 3

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The next memory puzzle can also be found on the upper level, and similar to the second memory puzzle, you’ll find it by passing by a large letter on the wall. Pass the B department marked on the wall, and you’ll find the puzzle beside an empty store.

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Memory Puzzle 4

Now, you’re going to want to head down the stairs to the lower level, looking out for the silence monster. Puzzle four can be found inside, toward the center, of the Market Square store.

Memory Puzzle 5

Now, you only have one more puzzle to solve, and thankfully, it is right beside the exit. Head toward the opposite side of Market Square on the lower level. You’ll see the locked gate with an arrow pointing to it. Beside the gate is your last puzzle.

After inputting the last sequence correctly, the gate will open, and you can run through to escape to the next level. Just be careful not to get caught by the monster while finishing off your puzzles on the lower level.

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