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I do enjoy a good Roblox horror challenge and Color Or Die is getting some good buzz right, for good reason. The game is broken down into a series of chapters, or levels, each of which has puzzles or mazes to complete and scary monsters to avoid. So, if you’re having trouble completing the game, check out my guide on how to beat Roblox Color Or Die below. 

Roblox Color Or Die Guide: How To Beat Chapter 1

The basics of this Roblox horror game see you picking up paint pots and collecting brushes to stay safe and progress. Each time you pick up a paint pot of a different color you become that color. If you stand in front of a wall that is your color you can hide from the monsters. Also, note that if the screen starts to change color and a menacing noise begins, you’re nearing a monster! Try to move to a wall of your color, as the monster will then move away. 

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Also, note that when in rooms you can fall from any height without losing lives. However,w each time the monster catches you, you’ll lose a heart. Lose all of your hearts and you lose your color and opened areas, but keep the brushes you’ve collected. Finally, also note that the monster is tall and won’t bend down, so you’re safe in rooms with a low entrance.

Chapter 1 Walkthrough

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You start with the Black Bucket in your hand. Using it repeatedly on the entrance (the padlock) will paint it black and let you into the first room. Pick up the red pot on the table to turn red. Your aim is to collect 13 paintbrushes.

Leave the safe room by going left from the table. Follow the path right and the first brush is down the thin passageway on your right. Come back the way you came, and right again into the second nook on your right to find the second brush

Keep walking to the end and turn left, where you’ll find the third brush around the corner near the locked Purple locked door. Go through the small gap opposite the purple door and keep going left until you see the blue locked door and see some stairs. Head up to find the third brush in a nook on your left. Come back down the stairs and keep left as much as you can, passing the Pink and Green doors. A little after you’ll see a door on your right. Go through to find the fifth brush.

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Leave by the other exit from the room and go right. You’ll see the red door here, so cover it with red paint then go through. Inside you can pick up the Screwdriver. Leave the room and walk ahead and a little to the right, then turn left around the corner where you’ll see a vent. As long as you picked up the screwdriver you can open it and go through into a black room. Jump across the brushes to the other side and get the sixth paintbrush and get the Orange Paint. Remember you are now safe by orange walls!

Turn right once you leave back out of the vent and look for a door on your right. Walk through to get the seventh brush. Leave and turn right again, which takes you back to the safe zone. It’s nice to take a break!

Head back inside and find the orange door, use the orange paint to get in, and get the yellow paint from inside. From the starter zone, go right and keep right until you find the yellow door and paint it to go through. There’s a door at the end and a passage blocked by wood, which you’ll need a saw for. Walk through the door into crazy obby. Climb right to the top to get your eighth paintbrush and the green paint.  

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Find the green door next and paint it. Inside you’ll find the ninth paintbrush along with the teal paint. To get to the teal door you need to cross the bridge of brushes once more (via the vent you opened earlier). The teal door is on the other side. Paint it, go through it, and get the tenth paintbrush along with a triangle. However, note that you lose your paint when you enter the room so have no color now. If starting from the safe zone, you now need to go right and stay right until you enter the area which had the teal paint. Use the triangle to open the door here and get the blue paint. Find the blue door, paint it, go inside, and get the Saw.

You can now return to the yellow door to get the wood plank as well as the purple paint. Find the purple door and paint it, taking the hammer and eleventh paintbrush from the room there. Now move to the red door, get the pink paint, find the pink door, and paint it. You can get the key here as well as the twelfth paintbrush. You can now go to where you got the green paint for a final time, use the key, and get the final paintbrush.

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Finally, move to the paintbrush door (near the left exit from the safe zone) to get the white paint. Return to the safe zone, go to the white door, and congratulations, chapter one is complete.  

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