Fire Force Online Clans Tier List – All Perks, Ranked

Enjoy a Roblox adventure inspired by the hit anime Fire Force with Fire Force Online. This action-packed title gives you the ability to explore the anime-inspired world and become a Fire Force or White Clad member. Regardless of which you pick, you’ll want to make sure you have a good clan. If you aren’t sure what the best clans are, I’ve got you covered below.

Best Clans in Fire Force Online, Ranked

Tier Clan
S Dragon, Kusakabe, Shinmon, Burns, Boyle, Ōbi
A Montgomery, Sagamiya, Kakage, Kotatsu, DFresh, Oze, Son, Oji
B Common Clans

Clans are a great way to boost your power. While some clans will pair better with certain abilities, there are some clear clans that are better than others. These would be Legendary, which you have a 1% chance to get, and Rare, which you have a 15% chance to get. That said, here are the best clans in Fire Force Online.

S Tier

  • Dragon
    • Heavy attacks do more damage. Increased M1 damage.
  • Kusakabe
    • Higher Grace gain and more EXP gain overall.
  • Shinmon
    • Higher dodge window and more counter punch damage.
  • Burns
    • Overheats slower and faster stamina regen.
  • Boyle
    • Faster stamina regen and more EXP gain overall.
  • Ōbi
    • POD and Steeled time increased.

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A Tier

  • Montgomery
    • Reduce dodge cooldown when you perfect dodge.
  • Sagamiya
  • Kakage
    • Gives a slight damage buff when in a party with allies.
  • Kotatsu
    • Lose less money when being gripped.
  • DFresh
  • Mori
    • Gain a slight damage buff after perfect dodging.
  • Oze
    • Physical trainings grant more EXP.
  • Son
    • Get more money when gripping enemies.
  • Oji
    • Recover from block breaks a little faster.

B Tier

The worst clans in Fire Force Online are the Common Clans. These are assigned if you do not see a Legendary or Rare clan name. Common Clans have no passives, so I recommend picking up a Rare or Legendary Clan to increase your power.

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