Can I save outfits on Roblox? – How to make a Roblox preset outfit, explained

Roblox’s seemingly endless avatar customization ability is easily one of my favorite parts of the entire platform—being able to create and mix and match my own outfit from scratch, using various hair styles, accessories, clothing, and more, is so much fun. If you’re anything like me, however, it can sometimes feel like because you have so many awesome possibilities to use, it’s impossible to settle on just one look. Luckily, Roblox has solved this dilemma by allowing indecisive players like you and I to create multiple outfits at once and then save them for use, and to come back to, at any time! For a quick guide on how to go about this process, continue reading below.

How to save an outfit on Roblox

Before we can save an outfit, we have to make it first. When you’re ready to begin, head to your inventory, or the Avatar Shop, and create the outfit you’d like to save. This can include hair, clothes, accessories, faces, and even animations, so feel free to make it as detailed as you’d like! Once you have your outfit completed, head to the Avatar Editor (if you’re not there already), hover over the tab titled Characters, and then select Creations.

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This will open a new inventory that’s likely empty at the moment, but can be filled with all the outfits you’d like! To save the outfit you’re currently wearing, select the Create New Outfit button; then simply name the outfit and press Create.

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Now, you’ll be able to return to this outfit at any time and put the whole thing on in just one click!

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