Blox Fruits Update 20 Patch Notes (October 2023) – New content details!

Blox Fruits sits on top of the Roblox as an ultimate gaming experience. That is especially true after Update 20, which brought many improvements and new content. Here’s everything about the latest Blox Fruits patch notes.

Roblox Blox Fruits Update 20 Content – All Patch Notes (10/21/23)

  • Increased Level Capacity to 2550.
  • Added Tiki Outpost island.
  • Added a new mythical fruit: Mammoth
  • Added a new legendary fruit: Sound
  • Added a new fighting style:
  • Added a new sword.
  • Added brand new fruit models for most fruits.
  • Added Danger Meter, a tool to detect your saftey while out at sea.
  • Added Sea expansion pt.1. Including sea events such as:
    • Raid boss: Leviathan
    • Mini boss: Terrorshark
    • Sharkman Raider’s
    • Rough Sea
    • Flying Piranha’s
    • Shark
    • Mini Treasure Island’s
  • Added Weapon Enchantment’s (Scrolls):
    • Craft enchanted scrolls using new Materials.
    • After upgrading your weapon, you can Enchant it with a scroll to unlock new stats and attributes.
    • Added Blessing and Curse attributes, which have rare and powerful attributes.
  • Reworked Dark Blade attack visuals, model, and animations.
  • Many other weapon skills have been remade or reworked:
    • Reworked Katana/Cutlass
    • Reworked Iron Mace
    • Reworked Shark Saw
    • Reworked Triple Katana
    • Dual-Headed Blade
    • Pipe
    • Soul Cane
    • Trident
    • Wardens Sword
    • Bisento
    • Pole (1st form)
    • Saber
    • Dragon Trident
    • Gravity Cane
    • Jitte
    • Longsword
    • Koko
    • Midnight Blade
    • Pole (2nd form)
    • Rengoku
    • Saddi
    • Shisui
    • Wando
    • True Triple Katana
    • Spikey Trident
    • Tushita
    • Yama
  • Added Weather system, used in Tiki Outpost and sea events.
  • New Boats:
    • Added new boat Beast Hunter
    • Upgraded the 4 starter boats
    • Upgraded Flower to Guardian
    • Upgraded Swan to Lantern
    • Upgraded Enforcer to Miracle
    • Upgraded Rocket to Sentinel
  • Reworked Kilo fruit to Rocket fruit.
  • Revamped Spin fruit.
  • Renamed Paw fruit to Pain fruit.
  • New Accessories:
    • Leviathan Crown
    • Leviathan Shield
    • Terror Jaw
    • Shark Tooth Necklace
  • Added new materials:
    • Piranha Wing
    • Fools Gold
    • Leviathan Heart
    • Leviathan Scale
    • Mutant Tooth
    • Shark Tooth
    • Terror Eyes
    • Monster Magnet
  • Added new Titles:
    • Terrorbringer
    • Serpent Slayer
    • Abyss Tamer
    • Nautical Bane

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