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Update 1.2 has dropped in Blade Ball and players are lining up to check it out! For those unfamiliar with Blade Ball, this fast-paced, PvP experience challenges players to focus up and strategize while using a variety of abilities and skills to rise through the ranks and become the best Blade Ball competitor of them all. For a quick look at everything added with Update 1.2, continue reading the guide below.

Blade Ball (Update 1.2) Patch Notes

A quick recap of the Update 1.2 Patch Notes can be found below. To see the exact update log taken from the official Blade Ball Discord, continue past this graph.

PGG Patch Note Summary Update 1.2 for Blade Ball

The main highlight of this update is the addition of the new Cyber Pack, which includes a new Phase Bypass ability, Matrix Blast finisher effect, and Cyber Thorn sword skin, and costs 399 Robux. A new map was added with this update as well, Sakura Temple, along with two other new abilities, Wind Cloak and Pull. Small fixes to bugs and internal issues were instituted in this update as well, which will hopefully help the experience run even smoother.

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Official Blade Ball Update 1.2 Log

  • VER 1.2
    • Added CYBER PACK as a good deal with good cosmetics
    • New ability: WIND CLOAK
    • New ability: PHASE BYPASS
    • New ability: PULL
    • New limited: CYBER SCYTHE
    • New skin: CYBER THORN
    • New map: SAKURA TEMPLE
    • New kill effect: MATRIX BLAST
    • Fixed some issues with ball getting too fast
    • Fixed a ton of minor issues
    • Buffed rapture a little since it was just a worse version of raging


That’s it for this quick recap of Blade Ball’s Update 1.2. Now, hop on in and let’s get playing!

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