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Roblox has many great games, but one I’ve been addicted to lately is Blade Ball. The high-speed ball cutting and deflecting action has me hooked, but I was overwhelmed when I first started playing. But like other Roblox games, I wanted to know if there was a Discord or Trello where I could get tips and learn how to play. Let’s look at some important Blade Ball links to help you improve.

Blade Ball Important Links

What is the Blade Ball Trello?

Companies typically use Trello as a means of digital communication. The digital storyboard style of the platform makes it great for displaying information and collaborating between employees. But, recently, Roblox developers have begun using Trello for their games. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a Trello for Blade Ball at this time.

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Blade Ball is still in beta, so, understandably, neither the developer nor the fanbase have created a Trello. Once the Blade Ball Trello is up and running, you can use it to keep track of information, updates, and learn about the game. Once it is live, we’ll update this guide with the Blade Ball Trello link.

What is the Blade Ball Discord?

Discord is a great resource for Blade Ball players and fans. It provides a way to communicate with the developer, interact with other players, and learn how to play Blade Ball better. My skill improved dramatically after speaking with Blade Ball players on Discord, and I even found some friends to play with.

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