Best swords in Blox Fruits

In Blox Fruits, powerful Fruits can unlock unique elemental abilities, but swords can also mean the difference between life and death.

You have the potential to become a master swordsman, which means you will need to equip the strongest swords. Take a look at our list of best swords that will prepare you to take on any enemy.

Blox Fruits best swords list

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  • Heavenly Lunges (Z) – 300 Mastery
  • Celestial Ravager (X) – 300 Mastery

Tushita is a mighty sword with abilities great for stunning and knocking enemies back. It allows for smooth mobility while attacking enemies and is great for racking up combos. You will need to be level 2000 or greater to collect it and defeat the rip_indra raid boss.

Pole (2nd Form)

  • Hand of God (Z) – 150 Mastery
  • Electric Prison (X) – 350 Mastery

The Pole in 2nd Form is an excellent choice for more ranged attacks and utilizes electricity and some of the best stunning abilities. It deals decent damage and is easily used in combos. To use the 2nd Form Pole, you will need to get 180 mastery on the First Form Pole, fully awaken all of the Rumble fruits moves, and complete a Rumble raid.


  • True Quiet Rush (Z) – 150 Mastery
  • Focus Shot (X) – 300 Mastery

Shisui is considered one of the best swords in the game due to its quick-paced attacks, capable of hitting multiple targets at one time. It has a farther range than most other swords and a low lag rate. You can buy it from the Legendary Sword Dealer for a hefty amount of B$ 2,000,000.

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Dark Blade

  • One Thousand Slices (Z) – 1 Mastery
  • Dark Air Slash (X) – 50 Mastery

The Dark Blade is one of the few Mythic swords in the game, proving to be one the best. It takes a little bit of finesse and practice to time the attacks correctly, but it’s capable of dealing a mighty punch. It can also be upgraded to an enchanted version. The Dark Blade, unfortunately, can only be purchased with Robux as a gamepass for R$ 1200. However, you can also be gifted it.


  • Piercing Dash (Z) – 150 Mastery
  • Scattering Gust (X) – 300 Mastery

Canvander is an excellent weapon for grinding enemies and levels due to its ranged attacks, allowing you to stand at a distance while dealing damage. It drops purple and white flowers with its abilities and has great dashes that help make a quick escape if needed. You have a chance of collecting this sword by defeating the Beautiful Pirate boss, which means you will want to be at a higher level.


  • Hellish Slash (Z) – 150 Mastery
  • Infernal Hurricane (X) – 300 Mastery

Yama is a legendary weapon with amazing speed and is considered one of the best ‘traveling’ swords. Both its moves perform fast dashes and slashing maneuvers with multi-hit potential. It also happens to be much easier to obtain the Tushita. To get it, you’ll need to have completed at least 20 Elite Hunter, or a combination of Player Hunter quests. Then, you’ll be worthy enough to pull the sword from the Secret Temple located behind Hydra Island waterfall in the Third Sea.

Cursed Dual Katana

  • Revolving Ravanger (Z) – 175 Mastery
  • Slayer of Goliath (X) – 375 Mastery

The Cursed Dual Katana is a lethal combination of katanas that not only performs speedy slash maneuvers but has the potential to create explosive tornados at your opponents, knocking them back, stunning them, and damaging them. Most of its attacks are also multi-hit, capable of taking out your enemies before they even get the chance to react. You can obtain this weapon by having a 350 mastery of Yama and Tushita and then completing the Cursed Dual Katana puzzle.

Hallow Scythe

  • Death Cyclone (Z) – 150 Mastery
  • Soul Execution (X) – 350 Mastery

Although not technically a sword, this mythical weapon is still considered to be one and is one of the very best you can get. Harness the power of the Reaper by sending out a cyclone of death that destroys anything in its path, downing trees, performing knockback, and dealing multiple ticks of damage. Plus, use your execution ability to fly toward enemies, latching onto them and slashing away their health. To obtain the Hallow Scythe, you’ll need to face the Soul Reaper boss, located in the room behind the Haunted Castle.

These are just a few of the most powerful swords you can use in Blox Fruits, but there are various other types of weapons out there with unique abilities to discover. Comment below what you believe is the strongest sword and your favorites!

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