Best Fruits in Blox Fruits

Blox Fruits, similar to the popular anime and manga One Piece that is its inspiration, allows players to consume fruits that entirely change their character skills and abilities. Though the ranking of its fruits often changes due to the experience’s massive updates, we’ve created a tier list of the best fruits in Blox Fruits for you to check.

Blox Fruits are the equivalent of Devil Fruits in the Roblox Blox Fruits universe. Therefore, you will acquire a unique ability depending upon the nature of the fruit you may have consumed. Blox Fruits in the game, including Mythical Fruits, can be bought or found as rewards for completing quests.

Blox Fruits Tier List – Best Fruits in Roblox Blox Fruits

S – Tier Blox Fruits

Fruit Name Fruit Type Price(Beli)
Shadow Natural $2,900,000
Leopard Beast $5,000,000
Dough Elemental $2,800,000
Dragon Beast $3,500,000
Human: Buddha Beast $1,200,000
Soul Natural $3,400,000
Venom Natural $3,000,000

A – Tier Blox Fruits

Fruit Name Fruit Type Price(Beli)
Dark Elemental $500,000
Ice Elemental $350,000
Door Natural $950,000
Gravity Natural $2,500,000
Bird: Phoenix Beast $1,800,000
Rubber Natural $750,000
Sand Elemental $420,000
Magma Elemental $850,000
Paw Natural $2,300,000
Sound Elemental $1,700,000

B – Tier Blox Fruits

Fruit Name Fruit Type Price(Beli)
String Natural $1,500,000
Light Elemental $650,000
Control Natural $3,200,000
Diamond Natural $600,000
Quake Natural $1,000,000
Rumble Elemental $2,100,000
Mammoth Natural $6,000,000

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C – Tier Blox Fruits

Fruit Name Fruit Type Price(Beli)
Bomb Natural $80,000
Flame Elemental $250,000
Chop Natural $30,000
Love Natural $700,000
Revive Natural $550,000
Smoke Elemental $100,000
Barrier Natural $800,000

D – Tier Blox Fruits

Fruit Name Fruit Type Price(Beli)
Spike Natural $7,500
Spring Natural $60,000
Kilo Natural $80,000
Spin Natural $180,000
Bird: Falcon Beast $300,000

As mentioned above, this list is not definitive as fruits are constantly added and changed, and not every player uses fruits the same way. We will update this list accordingly once substantive changes have been made.

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