Best Fighting Style in Untitled Boxing Game – Ranked List

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Untitled Boxing Game offers a unique and comprehensive boxing experience on the Roblox platform. I like that it offers me multiple fighting styles, just like in real boxing, which makes this game so much more realistic.

But not all the fighting styles are made the same, and I’m sure you are wondering what the top-tier fighting styles are. Since you probably don’t want to spend too much time experimenting with sub-par styles. To help you out, I have created a fighting styles tier list for the Untitled Boxing Game.

Best Fighting Styles List for Untitled Boxing Game

Tier Fighting style
S Hawk, Hitman, Iron Fist, Wolf
A Bullet, Corkscrew, Kimura, IPPO, Slugger
B Ghost, Hands Low, Counter, Trickster
C Basic, Long Guard, Smash

Best fighting styles in Untitled Boxing Game, Ranked

We ranked the best fighting styles in Untitled Boxing Game based on their overall performance and competitiveness against each other. Unfortunately, this experience follows the trend of having more powerful stuff exponentially harder to obtain. As a result, the rarer fighting styles will have a tendency to be higher up in the tier list. To maximize your chance of obtaining the best possible fighting style, use some of the Untitled Boxing Game codes from the list.

All S Tier Untitled Boxing Game Fighting Styles


With the buff of its backdash and light attack damage in the Iron Fist update, the Hawk fighting style is even better than before, making it into the S tier.


Hitman remains firmly in the top tier of fighting styles, regardless of its slight damage reduction with the recent update. It’s a great, balanced style with no weaknesses except for the dash. It features powerful and fast jabs, making it perfect for a more aggressive playstyle.

Iron Fist

Iron Fist is a Legendary fighting style, introduced to the game with the update of the same name, and has taken the world of Untitled Boxing Game by storm. It’s well-known for its ability to inflict incredible amounts of damage quickly while also inflicting Slow status on your opponent.


Wolf is one of my favorite fighting styles, especially since the White Fang buff improved its speed. Aggressive playstyle is the name of the game here, as it allows you to go through blocks effectively. Keep the pressure up by mashing M2 while you hit your enemies with White Fang for great effect.

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All A Tier Untitled Boxing Game Fighting Styles


The Bullet is known for offering great counter damage on its M2. Furthermore, it offers a near-instant jab after the opponent dashes. The downside to this fighting style is that it has a weak dash itself, but that is a common missing feature spread across multiple fighting styles.


The Corkscrew fighting style features plenty of benefits, like high damage and quick health recovery. The main distinguishing feature is the Corkscrew punch, a heavy attack that is specific to this style. It has a slower startup, so be prepared and work around it.


Kimura is a great all-around fighting style that offers a debuff to your opponent. To apply this effect, use M1 to body-shot them, slowing their attacks and abilities. It’s a perfect setup for your Dragonfish Blow Ultimate. It’s a great fighting style, and it’s definitely worth it if you’re looking to frustrate opponents who use fast fighting styles.


The IPPO fighting style doesn’t have any unique mechanics like Wolf and Iron Fist, but it has everything else; it’s a perfect all-arounder style, great stamina, and one of the best dashes in the game. It’s perfect for bridging the gap between lower-tier styles and top-tier ones.


Slugger used to be the most OP style in the game, thanks to its incredible damage and excellent dodge ability. Recently, this style received nerfs, but its legend lingers, and it’s still an excellent performer, especially if you like combining your moves to keep enemies on their toes.

All B Tier Untitled Boxing Game Fighting Styles


Ghost was a very decent fighting style that got nerfed in the Iron Fist update. The main focus of the nerf was the Jab, bringing it down to the Hands Low speed, and with less invincibility frames offered by Dash, I really can’t recommend this style any longer.


Counter is a situational fighting style in the sense that it suits only patient players. While the punches do less damage, its counter-attacks are brutal, dealing a significant damage bonus. Couple that with a good dash ability, and you will be able to take down most opponents if you learn this style correctly.


Trickster is notorious for being a hard-fighting style to read. Your opponents will have difficulty figuring out what your next move is, thanks to very quick feints and dashes. Like the Counter, Trickster involves patient play, but you will be rewarded by managing to beat opponents who like to rush into fights head-on.

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All C Tier Untitled Boxing Game Fighting Styles


The Basic fighting style, as the name suggests, is a jack of all trades and master of none. No matter what your personal preferred fighting style is, you can pull it off using this selection. But the downside is that almost any other style surpasses it in some way.

Long Guard

Long Guard is one of the best in its own class, owning to its quick start-up. It has a good jab range, but its weak dash game and low-damaging attacks make this style lackluster. I recommend switching to a higher-tier style as soon as you get the chance.


I could never figure out how to make Smash work for me. This fighting style is pretty difficult to pull off for what it does, and it doesn’t do a whole lot. The ultimate Smash Punch Finisher will inflict decent damage, but the combinations will have you steaming in frustration as you try to figure it out.

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