Best Arrancar Build in Type Soul

Like in the anime that inspired it, Arrancars in TYPE://SOUL are Hollows that gained Shinigami-like powers by tearing off their masks. Being a Bleach fan for years before discovering the game, I was curious to see what it feels like to play an Arrancar, and I picked this class, but I was soon wondering what the best and most optimal build is because I was initially bad at it. If you’re struggling like me, this guide will help you build your Arrancar character quickly!

What is the best build for Arrancar in Type Soul

To make the best possible build for your Arrancar in Type Soul, you should go for the mixture of these two stats:

Two main parts of this build aside from stats are the Partial Ressurection and the weapon moves. You will be relying on Slash Tempo and Byako for this build:

  • Byako: By using Byako, you can restrict the enemy’s movement by slamming them to the ground, preventing them from dashing out of combat. This forces them to parry, and in my experience, not a lot of people know how to do it properly in PvP, which will give you an advantage with this build.
  •  Slash Tempo: This move is my favorite because of the really big hitbox. It also has a block breaker built into it, complementing Byako nicely.

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Leveling guide for Arrancar in Type Soul

To level your Arrancar in Type Soul, you should primarily invest your points in the Kido stats. I have put five points in Brace under Kendo at the beginning, but you can also choose Hierro under Kido. These two combined will allow you to absorb large portions of damage. You can upgrade yourself even further using accessories like Baraggan’s Robes.

My skill setup currently looks like this.

  • Cero Grab
  • Bala Barrage
  • Bala Drive
  • Cero Sweep
  • Phantom Trick
  • Blooming Cut
  • Cero Confinement
  • Cero Infuse
  • Bala Gum
  • Cero
  • Flash Transition
  • Garganta

This Arrancar build will allow you to go toe to toe with elites and even people over your grade quickly. I tried this build against many Special-grade elites, and it has worked flawlessly. Its combos are excellent, but the main focus of this build is on the block breakers.

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