Best Accessories in Blox Fruits (2023)

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It’s really easy to spend time grinding for rare accessories in Blox Fruits. There are so many great accessories that are locked behind tough boss fights with low drop rates that players get tempted into really going hard for them. There are plenty of other accessories, though, with decent buffs that aren’t as hard to acquire. This means that, arguably, some of the better accessories are the ones most players can get access to easily.

Which are the best accessories in Blox Fruits?

Swan Glasses

The Swan Glasses are always a great find in Blox Fruits simply because of the huge amount of buffs that the item gives. When a character equips a pair of Swan Glasses, they get:

  • 250 Energy
  • 250 Health
  • 8% extra damage
  • 8% extra defense
  • 8% reduction on cooldowns
  • 25% extra movement speed

Although all of these buffs are great to place on a character, the hard part is getting the item. Swan Glasses can only be dropped from defeating Don Swan, and it has a 2% drop rate.

Dark Coat

The stats on this accessory are almost perfect. It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t want 15% more damage on their Blox Fruit Attacks, 600 Energy, and 600 Health. The problem with this accessory is that it’s difficult to get. The Dark Coat as a 2% chance of dropping from Darkbeard, making it one of the most rare items in Blox Fruits.

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Pale Scarf

Since it has a 100% drop rate, it’s pretty hard to go without the Pale Scarf. It does involve defeating the Dough King or the Cake Prince, both of which are really tough to beat. With lots of teammates, though, these bosses can be beaten. The Pale Scarf gives 15% more damage to Blox Fruit attacks as well as 2 Instinct Dodges and extra Vision Range.

Valkyrie Helmet

This is every sword user’s best friend. Players get this accessory if they deal 10% damage or more to the rip_indra boss and win. The Valkyrie Helmet gives 15% more damage with sword attacks as well as 600 Energy and 600 Health. I love pairing this accessory with the Rengoku Sword to make my character totally busted.

Hunter Cape

The Hunter Cape is like a must have for any sword, gun, or melee build in Blox Fruits. It adds 10% damage to the mentioned weapon types as well as 80% more running speed and 750 Health. What makes this essential, though, is the drop rate. Players have a 50% shot of getting this just for defeating an Elite Pirate.

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