Best Abilities in Blade Ball

Choosing the best Blade Ball skills is crucial to success in this Roblox experience. I always save up for the most expensive ones, even though there are good, cheaper options. However, I quickly realized that investing in good skills is better than chasing perfection. Of course, choosing the right abilities also depends on my playstyle. Here are all the best abilities in Blade Ball so you don’t invest in the wrong set of skills.

All Blade Ball Skills Ranked

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Blade Ball features a variety of abilities that can be used to gain an advantage in combat or mobility. Here’s a list of the best Blade Ball abilities available in the game, from average to overpowered:

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21. Dash

Dash ability in Blade Ball allows you to move faster in short bursts, thus avoiding hits and getting near opponents more easily. It’s a simple yet helpful skill you’ll use often, especially in the beginning.

20. Pull

Pull skill in Blade Ball pulls a single opponent toward you. This can initiate fights, close the distance on fleeing opponents, or disrupt their positioning. It sounds great on paper, but in reality, it may leave you vulnerable while you’re focused on one enemy.

19. Super Jump

Super Jump allows you to jump higher than usual, giving you an advantage on the battlefield. While this Blade Ball skill is valuable, investing money in better ones is better. In fact, this isn’t even the best jumping skill in the game!

18. Quad Jump

Quad Jump lets you jump four times instead of two, giving you more mobility and verticality. More leaps mean you can reach higher ground (Obi-Wan Kenobi approves this), avoid dangerous, life-threatening situations, or perform more efficient attacks.

17. Knockback

Knockback pushes back enemies, allowing you to disrupt attacks and even knock them off platforms. While this Blade Ball ability is not exactly a game-changer, it can help control the flow of battle and keep on the edge.

16. Blink

Blink allows you to teleport three times in a short time. You can use it to dodge attacks, close the distance on opponents for a quick attack, or move across the battlefield in milliseconds. While this sounds great, it does no real damage or offers any protection. But being a speedster is fun!

15. Shield

Shield skill in Blade Ball grants you temporary protection from enemy attacks. This can be a lifesaver in dangerous situations, giving you enough time to escape from life-threatening situations.

14. Invisibility

Invisibility ability in Blade Ball makes you invisible for a short period, letting you sneak up on enemies or flee from trouble. While this is an exciting ability, sometimes it’s better to possess more power than to tip-toe around.

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13. Thunder Dash

Thunder Dash allows you to dash forward at an even higher speed than the regular Dash, making it an excellent tool for quickly closing the distance on opponents or escaping danger. It can also be used to dodge attacks or perform more efficient attacks.

12. Shadow Step

Shadow Step allows you to teleport a short distance, providing a more versatile movement option for dodging attacks or quickly changing positions. It can also be used to surprise opponents or flank them from behind.

11. Telekinesis

Telekinesis lets you manipulate objects or opponents from afar. This can disrupt enemy movements, set up kills, or use objects as projectiles.

10. Wind Cloak

Wind Cloak ability is a great solution when dealing with powerful ranged attacks. When activated, the wind barrier will protect you from projectiles, giving you time to get close to the enemy. I would recommend this skill as I often get killed from a distance.

9. Reaper

Reaper skill gives you a speed boost for every player you kill. This can make you a dangerous opponent, especially on a roll. So, as long as you have a steady stream of kills, you’ll be almost unstoppable.

8. Swap

Swap allows you to swap positions with an opponent, potentially disorienting them or placing them in a disadvantageous position. This can be an advantageous ability for both offensive and defensive purposes.

7. Freeze

Freeze skill makes opponents immovable for a short duration, making them vulnerable to your attacks. In a game where movement is essential for survival, freezing someone feels like a death sentence.

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6. Waypoint

Waypoint allows you to set a teleportation marker and instantly teleport back to it. This can be used to reposition yourself on the battlefield or escape from danger quickly.

5. Forcefield

Forcefield ability creates a temporary forcefield around you, blocking incoming attacks and protecting you from damage. Being immune to damage can be a lifesaver in dangerous situations, giving you enough time to position yourself better.

4. Infinity

Infinity is a Blade Ball skill that allows you to throw a blade unlimited times without a cooldown. This can be a potent ability for overwhelming opponents with a flurry of attacks.

3. Raging Deflect

The Raging Deflect skill deflects projectiles back at enemies, turning their attacks against them. Think of Neo from Matrix, and you’ll know what Raging Deflect does. This is a handy ability for dealing with ranged attackers.

2. Rapture

Blade Ball ability Rapture pulls all nearby opponents towards you. This is a powerful ability if you know how to maximize its potential for multi-kills.

1. Phase Bypass

Phase Bypass is a borderline game-breaking ability in Blade Ball, allowing you to go through walls and obstacles. Imagine entering closed areas, jumping enemies from behind, and running away by running through a wall.

What are the Best Abilities in Blade Ball?

While this is our list of best abilities in Blade Ball, your choice may differ. What you choose will depend on your playstyle and your specific game mode. You can experiment with different abilities to find those that suit your strategy and preferences.

For more on Blade Ball, check out how to get good at Blade Ball on Pro Game Guides.



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