Anime Fighters Simulator Passive Tier List

I enjoy Anime Fighters Simulator, a Roblox anime game, because of the seemingly neverending exploration. You can venture through the teleport to diverse islands and collect fighters inspired by some of your favorite anime characters. They have different rarities, abilities, and stats, making them powerful in battle. Here’s the Anime Fighters Simulator passive tier list to help you choose the best one for your character.

Anime Fighters Simulator Passive Tier List

As you level up your warrior in Anime Fighters Simulator, you’ll also get a chance to receive passive skills, which can multiply their powers and make them even stronger. The best passives will increase your damage in battles and help you take down enemies faster. So, what passives should you be looking out for? Check out our Anime Fighters Simulator Passive abilities tier list!

Tier Passive abilities
S Ace, God, Mercenary, Monster, Time Lord
A Blessing, Blizzard, Diligent III, Ghostly, Tactical III, Yeti
B Angel, Giant, Leader III, Sorcerer III, Speedy, Tank
C Draconic, Generous, Solid Gold, Strong III, Tiny
D Collector, Genius, Lucky, Miner, Prodigy, Rich

Passives listed under the S tier are the all-time best passives for boosting your character damage and allowing you to defeat enemies quicker and more efficiently. A-C tiers are also great contenders that strengthen your character but at lower levels. While passives under the D tier focus more on money, leveling, and luck boosts, they can still be beneficial but not quite as much when battling.

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What is the best passive in Anime Fighters Simulator?

The best passive you can get in the game currently is God. As its name suggests, God is the ultimate passive that assures your character’s god-like stats. With a high 1.85x DMG, 3x speed, and 1.5 attack speed boosts, as well as -3 hits for ult and 1.3x size, there is no doubt that this passive is a rank above the rest. However, it can also be one of the most difficult to collect, with a 0.013% chance.

What do Passives do in Anime Fighters Simulator?

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As you collect fighters, some will have special included stats––passives, which will be revealed as you open them or can be seen in more detail in your fighter’s inventory menu as you scroll over them. These passives can come in rarities from common to secret, with an occasional event add-on. They are skills always present in that fighter that can assist in a few different ways:

  • Increased damage
  • Attack speed
  • Better luck when opening fighters
  • Faster level up
  • Increased money gain

Passives are placed by chance on random fighters as you open them, and you aren’t required to do anything except make sure the fighter is equipped for their effects to take place. You can also use the Passive Transfer Machine in Anime Fighter Simulator.

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How to reroll passives in Anime Fighters Simulator

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If you didn’t quite gain the passive you were hoping for or are looking for a better passive on a fighter, you could reroll them using Reroll machines around the various islands. Check the small icons on the right side of each location on the teleport list to see which islands have the machines. To reroll a passive, you will need shards or reroll tokens.

What to buy with Robux in Anime Fighters Simulator

You can use Robux to reroll or purchase reroll tokens or try your luck in collecting the shards required. Rerolling will only give you another random passive, so there is no guarantee you will get a better one. The better the passive, the less chance you have of rolling it. You may need to reroll several times to get the one you want, so good luck!

This is only our opinion on the tier list and best passives in Anime Fighters Simulator, and some might have varying ideas. That’s okay! All passives benefit your gameplay one way or another, and while damage might be more important for some, luck might be more important for others. Let us know in the comments below what you think are the best passives.

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