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Traits are essential unit modifier that applies to any unit in Anime Adventures. They affect that unit’s performance in a fight, providing additional damage to bosses and granting extended range or a rate of fire. Some traits may not work well with specific units, in which case you will want to reroll them, but I found some to be a bit elusive and not explained very well in the game. Such is the Reaper trait, and in this guide, we will explain how it works and what are the chances of being pulled.

What is the Reaper Trait in Anime Adventures and its pulling chance

The Reaper is a very rare Unique Trait in Anime Adventures, with only a 0.6% chance of being pulled. Being Unique means you can only put down one character in a match with this Trait. The Reaper allows units that have it to receive the following damage boosts:

  • 15% more damage to units.
  • 25% more damage to bosses.

This Trait will outline your units with a red and black aura, indicating they have it on them. It goes exceptionally well with characters already efficient in dispatching boss enemies, like Akin (Contract). Nominally, it will raise any unit’s DPS output by 15% against regular units and 25% against boss enemies, thanks to the direct damage boost against the said enemy types.

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Rerolling Traits in Anime Adventures

If you’re unsatisfied with a particular Trait Roll in Anime Adventures, you can reroll them by speaking to Beeruh outside the Evolve hub and selecting Reroll Potential. The game gets more demanding the higher challenge levels you play. At a certain point, you will need to optimize your units as much as possible, but the Traits are given by chance to units and are not always guaranteed. Using a Trait Reroll allows you to remove the existing character Trait in favor of something more usable.

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