Anime Adventures Julio (Julius) Guide – Stat Summary, How to Get, and How to Evolve

If you’re a fan of the excellent manga series Black Clover, you’re likely going to want to add Julio to your Roblox Anime Adventures team. Based on the character Julius, he can be evolved into one of the strongest units in the game, Julio (Wizard King). If you want to get and evolve Julio (Julius) in Anime Adventures, or just check out a stat summary, read on for my full guide.   

How to get Julio (Julius) in Roblox Anime Adventures

You can only acquire Julio in Roblox Anime Adventures via the gacha-style summon system. Julio (Julius) is a Mythic tier hero and there is only a 0.5 percent chance to get a Mythic hero on each pick. You can increase your chances if you save your picks for when Julio is the Rate-up hero on the Special Select Banner. This will mean that you’ll have a 50 percent chance of pulling Julio if you are lucky enough to get a mythic hero. Remember the heroes available change every hour.

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How to evolve Julio (Julius) in Roblox Anime Adventures

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To evolve Julio (Julius) in Roblox Anime Adventures you need to have:

The Endless Tome can sometimes be acquired from the Travelling Merchant but can also be crafted by using 12 Lost Chapters and 7,500 Gold. To obtain Lost Chapters you’ll need to beat Act 3 of the Clover Kingdom Legend Stage in Story mode.

Once evolved, you’ll have Julio (Wizard King). Julio (Wizard King) is generally considered to be one of the top-tier units that all serious players should do their best to add to their team and I’d totally agree.  

Julio (Julius) stat summary

It’ll cost you 10,000 to deploy Julio, who has a circular ground AoE attack with a 5 radius. He can be upgraded seven times. If you get him up to level 100 and then up to Upgrade 8 during a battle he’ll be putting out an impressive 118k in Magic and Light damage with a range of 24.5 and an SPA of 8, which works out at a DPS of almost 15k

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