All Secret Characters in Anime Fighters Simulator & How To Get Them

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With tons of unique fighters available to collect inside Anime Fighters Simulator, it’s no surprise that there are a few secret ones for players to unlock as well. These hidden characters, deemed secret fighters, are coveted by players across the experience. Here’s how to obtain them.

What are secret fighters?

Secret fighters are the second-rarest type of fighter in all of the Anime Fighters Simulator, only behind Divine Fighters. These fighters are extremely strong and can often hold their ground against even the most powerful Crafted and Mythical fighters. Because these fighters are so rare and sought after, each world in Anime Fighters Simulator features its own secret fighter that can only be obtained by opening stars within that world.

All Anime Fighter Simulator secret fighters

A list that details every unlockable secret fighter in this experience, and where they’re from, can be found below:

  • Pinkie (Kid Buu)—Super Island 
  • Asuku (Nagato)— Ninja Village
  • Tokio (Dio)— Crazy Town
  • Dobonito (Donquixote)— Fruits Island
  • Eagle Eyed (Hawks)— Crazy Town
  • Big Ben (Bertolt Hoover)— Walled City
  • Sun (Yoriichi Tsugikuni)— Slayer Army
  • Two Eyed (Eto Yoshimura)— Ghoul Town
  • Far Away (Adult Gon)— Chimera Jungle
  • Slicette (Alice)— Virtual Castle
  • Eiko (Sosuke Aizen)— Empty Dimension
  • Sigma Curse (Sukuna)— Cursed High
  • Emperor Alien (Lord Boros)— XYZ Metropolis
  • Dark One (Light Yagami)— 9 Crimes Island
  • Jane d’ Bateau (Jeanne d’Arc)— Destiny Island
  • King of Mages (Julius Novachrono)— Lucky Kingdom
  • The Answer (The Truth)— Land of Alchemy
  • Destroyer (Milim Nava)— Flame City
  • Soar (Shō Kusakabe)— Crazy Town
  • Zeus (Zeus) Divine Colosseum
  • Greatest Evil (Zeref Dragneel)— Kingdom of Four 
  • Prodigious Knight (Reinhard Van Astrea)—Icy Wastes
  • Control Monster (Makima)— The Underworld
  • Esper King (Accelerator)— Psychic City
  • Abby (Gawr Gura)—The Hole
  • Famu (Naruto)— Ninja City
  • Betrayer (Keisuke Baji)— Time Traveler Japan
  • Jimmy (Johnny Joestar)— Orca Road Prison
  • Yuka Shadow (Yugi Mutou)— World of Games
  • Father Killer (Gilgamesh)— Fashion Empire
  • Skele King (Skull Knight)— Land of Guts
  • Ceramic (Navarog)— Hero Village
  • Bloodshed (Shalltear Bloodfallen)— Soceror Empire
  • Reaper Sr. (Grim Reaper)— Soul Academy
  • Nameless (Nameless)— World at War
  • Princess Abba (Faputa)— The Abyss
  • Shojen (Shugen)— False Paradise
  • Shogun Momo (Kozuki Momonosuke)— Land of Wanzo
  • Faith Demon (Douma)— Slayer Forest
  • Tashano (Toshiro Hitsugaya)— Thousand Year War
  • Possessed (Chara)— Spooky Island
  • Big Man (Whitebeard)— Summer Event
  • Surbad (Sinbad)— Summer Event 2023
  • Gegota SSJB (Goku SSJ) — Mystic Island

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Tips for obtaining secret fighters in Roblox Anime Fighters Simulator

Find stars that you can afford

Secret fighters are not unlocked by completing difficult quests or finding developer-added easter eggs; they’re actually unlocked in a much simpler way. Nearly every star inside of Anime Fighters Simulator has a secret fighter hidden inside of it, so they’re technically easy to find. The hard part is unlocking them, however, as secret fighters not only have an exceptionally low pull chance when compared to other fighters, they’re also not even shown on the star’s fighter list.

To put it simply, you typically have a one in 500,000 to one in 1,000,000 chance to pull a secret fighter from a star as a standard, FTP (free-to-play) player. Because of this low chance, it’s important that the star that you’re opening is one that you can afford, as you’ll likely need to open thousands of them before you obtain the fighter that you’re looking for.

Maximize your output

As mentioned above, FTP players will likely need to spend hours opening star after star in order to unlock a secret fighter. There is a way, however, for those willing to spend a hefty amount of Robux to expedite this process and make hunting for rarer fighters, including secrets, much easier. To do this, players can purchase gamepasses, including the ones listed below:

  • VIP
    • Description:
      • 25% off stars
      • Special VIP fighter
      • VIP nametag
    • Price:
  • 2x Yen
  • Lucky
    • Description:
      • Get increased chances with a permanent +1 luck boost
    • Price:
  • Super Lucky
    • Description:
      • Get a big increase to your chances with a permanent +2 luck boost
    • Price:
  • Ultra Lucky
    • Description:
      • Get a massive increase to your chances with a permanent +3 luck boost
    • Price:
  • Fast Open
    • Description:
      • Open stars at twice the normal speed
    • Price:
  • Multi Open
    • Description:
      • Open an extra 2 stars at a time
    • Price:
  • Half Cooldown
    • Description:
      • Half the cooldown on your max opens
    • Price:

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There are also purchasable in-game boosts that last for a limited time and can be used to increase luck. These boosts can also be unlocked for free through the use of codes.

Be patient

Above all else, the key to unlocking secret items in any kind of simulator is patience—they’re called secret items for a reason! Don’t burn yourself out opening stars for hours upon hours or multiple days nonstop. Take breaks when you need them and, though it’s hard, try not to get discouraged. These fighters were made to be nearly unobtainable, it’s not just bad luck!

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