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Get your bags, pillowcases, and buckets ready, it’s candy collecting time! On Oct. 5, 2023, Adopt Me! released its Halloween Begins update, which brought a new island aesthetic, fun and engaging minigames, and, of course, limited-time-only pets (all of which are spookified for the occasion), and is the first of many Halloween-themed updates that are set to debut this month. For a quick look at every Halloween-themed pet that’s been added to Adopt Me! in Week 2 of this event, which released on Oct. 12, 2023, check out the brief guide below.

Adopt Me! 2023 Halloween Event (Week 2) Update Log

All pets added in Week 2 of Adopt Me!’s 2023 Halloween event

The list below details all of the pets added with the Week 2 update and how they can be obtained. Continue reading past this list for more info on what has been added to the 2023 Halloween event.

  • Cute-A-Cabra
    • Rarity:
    • Obtained by:
      • Purchasing for 9,000 Candy
Image via Roblox Adopt Me!
  • Ghost Dog
    • Rarity:
    • Obtained by:
      • Purchasing for 34,000 Candy
Image via Roblox Adopt Me!

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  • Dire Stag
    • Rarity:
    • Obtained by:
      • Purchasing for 9,000 Candy
Image via Roblox Adopt Me!

All items added and changes made in Week 2 of Adopt Me!’s 2023 Halloween event

  • Spikey Chariot Stroller
    • Rarity:
    • Obtained by:
      • Purchasing for 7,000 Candy
  • Charon’s Boat Vehicle
    • Rarity:
    • Obtained by:
      • Purchasing for 68,000 Candy
  • Haunted House
    • Rarity:
    • Obtained by:
      • Purchasing for 1,950 Bucks
  • Haunted House Stuff
    • Spiderweb Shelf – 12 Bucks
    • Spiderweb Corner Piece – 32 Bucks
    • Spiderweb Chair – 32 Bucks
    • Bat Wing Shelf – 38 Bucks
    • Candelabra Light – 52 Bucks
    • Spider Food Bowl – 81 Bucks
    • Spider Water Bowl – 81 Bucks
    • Haunted House Fridge – 92 Bucks
    • Bat Wing Crib – 132 Bucks
    • Mausoleum Shower – 172 Bucks
    • Crystal Ball Pet Bed – 282 Bucks
    • Hearse Parent Bed – 302 Bucks

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  • Trick or Treat (World Event)
    • You can now trick or treat a player’s home by approaching the candy bucket outside of it. Each house can give you 15 Candy, and the owner of the house receives 15 candy in return! If you have a full server and every single player were to participate, you could earn a total of 1,410 Candy!
  • Chickatrice Says Minigame
    • Chickatrice Says is an every-man-for-themself-style minigame that challenges a player’s attention to detail and quick thinking by showcasing a variety of colorful platforms that they must step on before it’s too late. When a round begins, the Chickatrice pet in the middle of the main platform will call out a number of platforms that are safe for you to step on; the rest of the platforms that she doesn’t mention will fall, and any players standing on them will be eliminated from the game. Every once in a while, an Evil Unicorn pet will replace Chickatrice and they’ll try to trick you into losing—when the Evil Unicorn pet appears, do not go to any of the platforms they announce, those are the ones that will fall! As an example, if Chickatrice says the blue platform is safe, you can stand on the blue platform, but if the Evil Unicorn says the blue platform is safe, you should not stand on the blue platform. Each round will begin and end quicker and quicker, so you’ll need to pay close attention to who’s in the middle and telling you where to go!
    • Upon joining the minigame, you’ll automatically unlock 1,500 Candy; the longer you survive and the more rounds you play, the more Candy you’ll earn in the end. Each time you survive a round, you’ll earn 200 Candy, and you’ll earn an additional 200 bonus Candy if you’re able to survive all the way to end of the minigame.


That’s it for this guide on every pet added with Adopt Me!’s Week 2 Halloween update for 2023. As more pets are created and added to the experience each week, I’ll post new guides that compile and showcase them, so be sure to check back with PGG regularly. And let me know in the comments below which Halloween pet is your favorite so far!

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