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After playing a few hours myself, I can confidently say that completing quests is a great way to earn the limited-time Halloween currency, Candy, in Anime Champions Simulator. One of the two Halloween-exclusive quests in this experience comes from the NPC Crimson Rose, who asks players to find the five jack-o-lanterns that have been hidden somewhere in Champion’s City.

The locations of these five pesky pumpkins can be found in the brief guide below.

How to complete Crimson Rose’s Jack-O-Lantern quest

To begin this quest, look for the NPC pictured below and speak with her.

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Upon doing so, a quest will appear on the right side of your screen that asks you to find five jack-o-lanterns, the locations of which can be found below.

  • To the right of where Crimson is standing, on a lower platform.
Image by Pro Game Guides

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The rest of the locations I unfortunately don’t have images for, but I did attach a video below that will help if you need more guidance.

  • Behind the DPS board
  • To the left of the Raids sign
  • On the roof above the Quirks area
  • On a floating island directly behind the tower

Upon completing this quest, you’ll earn 100k Candy, which is no prize to scoff at!


That’s it for this quick guide on all jack-o-lantern locations in Anime Champions Simulator. If you’re hoping to earn a ton of Candy as fast as possible, this is a great quest to take on and complete.

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